Book recommendation: Crazy Busy

Here’s a nice little book that does exactly what it says on the tin. The latest offering from Kevin DeYoung entitled Crazy Busy: A [Mercifully] Short Book About A [Really] Big Problem looks at the reasons why we allow ourselves to become so busy.
For me I think chapters 2 and 3 were best – chapter 2 outlines three dangers to avoid: first, busyness can ruin our joy; second, busyness can rob our hearts; third, busyness can cover up our soul-rot. Chapter 3 outlines the various manifestations of pride which drive busyness – things like prestige, people-pleasing, perfectionism (and other things that begin with ‘p’).
All in all its a useful little book and won’t take long to read. It didn’t have anything incredibly insightful, and it feels a bit like a book written in a rush by a busy man, but, nonetheless, there’s plenty to profit from.