We want to model how good community life can be when the Lord Jesus is trusted and followed.

Here are a number of projects and groups that Grace run in the local community to support, help and encourage people in their daily lives:


Even in a busy little town people can feel isolated. The NET runs on 2 mornings a week during term time, and aims to support those who are experiencing isolation for whatever reason.

If you are new to Kempston or struggling with life right now then please contact the church office to discuss whether this might be a suitable group for you.

Find out more: heather.solesbury@graceinthecommunity.com or 01234 851 508

The NET runs twice a week at Project 229, Bedford Road, Kempston.


Christians Against Poverty is a national award-winning debt counselling charity offering hope and a solution to anyone in debt. The Kempston centre, based at Project 229, is available to all struggling with the problem of debt, regardless of whether you are currently a part of Grace or not.

For more information about Christians Against Poverty please visit their website at www.capuk.org.

Find out more: heather.solesbury@graceinthecommunity.com or 01234 851 508

Christians against Poverty Kempston Centre is based at Project 229, Bedford Road, Kempston.


Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Wellbeing, Life Long learning and Creativity are the topics covered in this highly successful course.

If you want an opportunity to stand back and think about the way ahead, this is the course for you. It is run by an experienced leader and is designed to give women confidence in all areas of life. The course runs on Tuesdays at Project 229 for 7 weeks and if you would like some further information please contact the church office.

Find out more: heather.solesbury@graceinthecommunity.com or 01234 851 508

Lunch is provided and booking is essential as places are limited.


Sheds are places blokes go not simply to fix stuff but to think.

The Shed is a free group which exists to serve men in the community who for whatever reason find themselves isolated and in need some support. It’s open to all men, runs on Friday morning between 10am and 12 midday, and we provide buckets of fresh tea and coffee with toast and, for those who want it, marmite. There’s nothing on the agenda, just chat and friendship.

Find out more: martin.salter@graceinthecommunity.com or 01234 851 508

Held on Friday’s at Project 229, Bedford Road, Kempston from 10am-12midday


Take the stress out of managing your money by learning CAP Money’s simple system.

This free course is run through local churches all over the UK, to teach budgeting skills to people from all walks of life.

Find out more: neil.redman@graceinthecommunity.com or 01234 851 508

CAP Money courses run in Kempston every couple of months.




Hi, we’re Paul & Naomi and have been part of Grace for 10 years. We live and work in Kempston and Bedford, our daughter is at lower school and our son has just been born. It’s great to be a part of a church so committed to serving local people and to seeing the community flourish. Grace isn’t just about Sundays, it’s actively involved in our town every day!

Paul & Naomi Frossell