My most important App

Twitter? Nope. Facebook? Not quite. WordPress? Nada. Feedly. No. BBC News? Almost. Angry Birds? You got it – not really.


My most important app is one I’ve only discovered over my vacation. It’s been around a little while. There are similar things available. But this one I absolutely love. What is it? Drumroll . . . Bible In One Year. I discovered it by noticing a friend using the #BiOY hashtag on his twitter account, usually accompanied by a verse or memorable quote. I chased it down and discovered that the app was based on a Bible in One Year book written by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel from Holy Trinity Church, Brompton.
The app gives you three readings for each day – one from Psalms or Proverbs, one from the New Testament, and one from the Old Testament. After each reading there’s short, but helpful, notes from Nicky and Pippa – each section followed by a short prayer. There’s usually a good illustration, quote, and insight to be had. The idea (as the app suggests) is that over the course of one year you read through the whole Bible – who’d have guessed! The app is beautifully designed and works really well – there’s no clunky switching between reading and notes, and the Bible sections load instantly (unlike some other Bible apps!!).
I’ve always struggled to keep going with Bible in a year plans – I normally drop out around March. But this one feels much more user friendly and, well, doable. If you struggle with reading the Bible regularly why don’t you give this a try. The app is absolutely free and I’m cautiously optimistic that this one might stick with me for more than a few weeks.