Poem: Safe

I am safe, not because I have no trouble,
or because I never experience danger.
I am safe, not because people affirm me,
or my plans always work out.
I am safe, not because I am immune from disease,
or free of the potential for poverty.
I am safe not because I am protected from disappointment,
or separated from this fallen world.
I am safe, not because I am wise or strong.
I am safe, not because I deserve comfort or have earned my ease.
I am safe, not because of money or power, or position, or intellect,
or who I know, or where I live.

I am safe because of the glorious mystery of grace.
I am safe because of the presence of boundless love.
I am safe because of divine mercy, divine wisdom, divine power, divine grace.
I am safe, not because I never face danger,
but because you are with me in it.
You have not given me a ticket out of danger.
You have not promised me a life of ease.
You have chosen to place me in a fallen world.
I am safe because you have given me
the one thing that is the only thing that will ever keep me safe;
You have given me You.

I am safe from my evil heart and this shattered world,
not because I can escape them both,
but because in the middle of temptation and trial,
danger and disappointment sickness and want,
You give me everything I need to fight temptation and avoid defeat
and to point others to the safety that can only be found in You.
So, I will wake up tomorrow and face the anxiety of not knowing,
the fear of my own weakness, and the reality of the fall.
I will live with faith, courage, perseverance, and Hope.
And when danger comes, and it will,
I will whisper to my weakening heart;
“Emmanuel is your shelter, You are safe.”

by Paul Tripp