Proverbs – Stop, Look & Listen

In our evening services at Grace we are looking at the book of Proverbs, the Bible’s school of wisdom. One of the phrases we’ve seen week in, week out is ‘Stop, Look, Listen‘. It’s what we all need to do if we’re to hear God speak wisdom into our lives. Early on in the series Simon Rowell mentioned a few resources which can help us do just that; ways to slow down and soak up our loving Father’s instruction.

  • First there was the suggestion that we could all bring a Proverb to our home group. 
  • Perhaps share ways in which we find it especially helpful and times where we’ve tried to apply it.
  • There are 31 chapters in Proverbs so why not take a month and read one each day in your personal time with God?
  • And here are some good online resources:
    YouVersion homepage and An app for your phone
  • Some Proverbs specific ideas here:
    Reading plansProverbs homepage and a Proverbs power up.
  • If you’re on Twitter, you could do a lot worse than follow this account, which gives regular Proverbs prompts: @BookOfProverbs.
We trust you might find one or two things here to bless you. But please remember, wisdom doesn’t just come from knowing lists of Proverbs but from knowing and loving the Father who gives the instruction, who made the world for which the Proverbs are shaped, and allowing him to change us into wiser children!