A response to the Refugee Crisis

Following our evening service on Sunday we promised we would put out some extra information regarding the current crisis of displaced people through the Grace blog and social media. Below is a collection of some of the resources available and some helpful things that others have written.

We’ll start with the video we shared in the evening service.
As a reminder, Krish has five suggestions for how we might respond as Christians, one of which we can all do:
  1. Pray (that’s all of us)
  2. Connect – those of us with rental properties making them available to local authorities for temporarily housing refugees
  3. Foster – taking in unaccompanied minors
  4. Welcome – help and facilitate the inclusion and integration of refugees into our culture
  5. Give – the money option
Especially welcome I think was the emphasis on looking for long-term sustainable solutions, not just knee-jerk, short-term reactions.
Here are some of the organisations directly involved:

Open Doors – A Christian charity working directly with Christians in some of the areas worst hit by civil war and persecution.

Home For Good – The Christian fostering and adoption charity is working with local authorities to find safe homes for unaccompanied minors.

Tear Fund – working with local churches to provide support for incoming displaced people.

Barnabas Fund – a recently launched initiative working specifically to resettle persecuted Christians.

Then here is a general article run by The Independent on various things people are doing to get involved and help.
I thought it would also be helpful to include a few thought-provoking pieces written in recent days. I’m not sure I’d agree with every line in each of them, but they are all helpful in getting us to think Christianly, compassionately and critically about what is going on…

Here is a post from the Archbishop of Canterbury that lays out the scene.

This is followed by a passionate plea to Christians to act compassionately and with hospitality: Sanctified Rant.
This last post from Psephizo is probably well read alongside the one above as it is a helpful reminder in a number of ways;
Firstly, it reminds us of our special responsibilities to brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as all fellow humans.
Secondly, it is a wise word on how the media manipulates, misrepresents, and mishandles stories.
Thirdly, it reminds us not to treat the Bible simplistically without thought to the context and original intent of the authors for their immediate readers.
Fourthly, it at least reminds us of the complexities of the current situation and the systemic problems as well as just the immediate circumstantial ones. All the more reason to pray for wisdom!
Finally, here’s the prayer we used in the evening service.
So let’s keep praying for the refugees, we can give thanks for what has been done and is being done by governments, churches, charities, and people to meet the challenge. And we can pray for our own wise response.