What Kind of Greatness

On Sunday morning (if you can think past Christmas on Friday..!), we’re going to sing a song that paints a picture of the mystery of the majesty of Jesus becoming a baby boy.
In one sense, it’s what Christmas is all about.  But at a deeper level, it’s a fathomless mystery.  How does the Creator become the created?  How can He who spoke the stars into being be born as a baby to look up at them in the night sky?  How can He who existed in eternity past with inexhaustible power choose to surrender it all and become a powerless infant?
And for all the hows – why?  Why would Jesus choose to do all of those things and many, many more?
If you’ve attended a carol service at Grace or (hopefully!) anywhere else this December, you’ll have heard people explain how God Himself answers those questions in the Bible.  But in ‘What kind of greatness,‘ we pause for a moment to dwell upon the wonder of it all.


What kind of greatness can this be
That chose to be made small?
Exchanging untold majesty
For a world so pitiful
That God should come as one of us
I’ll never understand
The more I hear the story told
The more amazed I am
Oh what else can I do
But kneel and worship you
And come just as I am
My whole life an offering 
The One in whom we live and move
In swaddling cloths lies bound
The voice that cried “let there be light”
Asleep without a sound
The One who strode among the stars
And called each one by name
Lies helpless in a mother’s arms
And must learn to walk again
What greater love could he have shown
To shamed humanity
Yet human pride hates to believe
In such deep humility
But nations now may see his grace
And know that he is near
When his meek heart, his words, his works
Are incarnate in us here.
Graham Kendrick, Copyright 1994 Make Way Music


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