There are many benefits in following Jesus Christ, forgiveness, freedom, a future, and one huge advantage is becoming a part of his ‘family’. Christians have the immense privilege of knowing God as a Heavenly Father. He wants his family to experience love, harmony and unity. It’s also where each individual is valued and makes a contribution to the good of the whole.

Meeting together on Sunday is just one way of showing we belong to this family – we love to be together, as God loves to be where his children meet. But we are also committed to one another the rest of the week as we serve God and support one another in the workplace, at home and in our leisure time.




Hi, my name’s Ailie, I help run the Connect team. One of the core values of the church is that people matter to God. We try to live this out in every area of life, and the Connect team exists to help you as you engage with the life and work of the church. We are always on hand at our Sunday services to answer any questions you may and welcome you to Grace!

Ailie Redman