What is Christianity all about?

Hundreds of local people have been on this course and found it very helpful. All are welcome and nothing is assumed. We start with a meal – so you don’t have to worry about getting food!

This is followed by film clips, discussion, and listening to thought-provoking ideas – a variety of ways of exploring Christianity’s message – Any questions can be asked, and any comments made! The course is scheduled at the convenience of those attending, but typically lasts from 7-9pm, one night a week or 12-2pm during the day – for five weeks. There is no fee for this course.

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Explore runs throughout the year, and a new course starts every 3 months – why not give it a try?


Want to dig a little deeper? This is the course for you.

Designed as a follow-on to the Explore Christianity course, this short series looks at some of the ‘Tough Questions’ people asked Jesus in the gospels, and how His answers help our understanding of who He was and why He came to earth.

These smaller groups are usually held over coffee and cake, are very informal and give plenty of opportunity to ask questions and debate difficult issues.

Enquire further or book your space:

This is a new, informal DVD based course that the church is running every 2-3 months.


What am I expected to know?
No prior knowledge is assumed. We begin by asking some of the big questions about life which we often push to the back of our minds. We want to give you time to consider what the Bible has to say about these things.
I’m quite a shy person, will I be asked to speak?
We want everyone to feel comfortable and contribute if they want to. We have lots of opportunities for discussion and debate in the main group and in smaller groups and you are welcome to express an opinion at any time.
I can’t make all sessions of the course, can I still come?
Yes, come to as much as you can and we can fill in the gaps for you. If you miss too much, don’t worry, like London buses, there will be another course along very shortly!
I’d rather not go on my own…
No need to worry about that! We can arrange for someone from the church to be in touch with you prior to the course beginning and then to meet you each week. The sessions are very informal and you will soon get to know the other people on the course – you won’t feel lonely for long!
Can I really say what I think?
Yes, yes, yes – we appreciate honesty and openness. If we know where you’re coming from, we can answer your questions more fully – all we ask is that you are respectful to the other people on the course.
Will I be pressured to become a Christian or go to church after the course?
Absolutely not. There is no pressure applied, no expectation placed on you or requirement to take anything further. Of course, should you wish to find out more, the course leader would be delighted to help you.

If you would like to talk further about any of these – or ask any other questions you have, we would love to hear from you.



Hi, my name’s Andy. I’m married to Kitty, have two young children and work as a civil servant down in London. A friend took me to an Explore course a few years back. I’d had no real contact with the church before – but I found the course really engaging and answered a lot of the big questions in life that I’d never really got around to asking. I’m sure you will find it both thought provoking and helpful in equal measure!

Andy Sams